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Claymation Project

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Claymation Links:

Claymation 101

M. Linekke's Claymation site

Claymation Lab: Armatures, Accessories

The Steps

10 claymation links

Claymation Movies

Animation Station



Blue Sky Studios

Will Vinton Studios

1. Who is the Father of Claymation?

2. List three successful movies or television shows that use claymation techniques.

3. What does stop Motion mean in terms of animation?

4. What tools will you need to make your movie?

5. List the steps involved in making a clay animation, from planning to completion.

6. What is chroma keying?

7. Define "armature" and state what kind of metal works best for this purpose.

8. How many shots does it usually take to make 1 minute of a claymation movie?

9.What is your goal when lighting your shots?

10. What do Aardman, Pixar, Blue Sky Studios, and Will Vinton Studios have in common?