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Art Education

My philosophy regarding Art Education is that art making is for everyone; no matter what the skill level. Everything is art, everyone has a valid mark to make, every mark should be respected. Art is personal expression, creativity, and a reflection of society. Art is a combination of this personal experience within a spectrum of skill levels in the use of varied media and application of compositional strategies. The student who engages in these experiences will build self-esteem, self-reflective practice, attention to detail, the ability to articulate ideas, and positive citizenship.

Visual Arts sample student work

Outcomes for art students:


As an Arts Specialist I endeavor to work with my colleagues to develop ways for students to apply critical thinking and alternative expression to content area school work. Through crosswalking curriculum maps in planning, I would prepare several options for adding creative activities and digital production possibilities for the mapped units.




Multi-media and Technology options include:


Teaching strategies and Technology Arts Integration

I recruited some students to help me prepare a short video as a sample of what might happen when the arts are infused into an interdisciplinary, collaborative, learning program. The intension was to demonstrate my rapport with the students as well as my whimsical but sincere intent to inspire students to use artistic principles to inquire, and develop the practice of research, collaboration, presentation and reflection.

Working with concepts of:



This is what we came up with:

The Micro-spherical Theory of Teaching and Learning  

Health Education

Health Curriculum

My philosophy for teaching health and wellness through Yoga and Mindful Living theories has grown out of my own experience of transformation in the practice of these tools to be happy and healthy. Contemporary society, with all of its distractions, has created the need now more than ever, for students to be able to practice tools to refocus attention, set personal goals, and stay connected with their bodily health. All of this will help them adjust to fluctuating emotions and questions of identity that are related to thier developing brains and bodies . Yoga Tools for the classroom include: conscious breathing, basic yoga poses, kinesthetic play, relaxation/visualization, and reflection/application. I am prepared to teach this subject in line with state and national learning standards, as outlined on The Yoga Ed(TM) website.

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