Bud and Uma’s Big Adventure

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There is a small town called Quackersville, and in Quackersville are two best friends named Bud and Uma. Bud and Uma have been best friends for almost their whole life. They knew each other since they were kids. Bud is a 26-year-old man who works as a farmer in Quackersville. Uma is a 27-year-old woman who works as an accountant for a real estate corporation in Quackersville. They have been very different from each other all of their lives, and they still are very different from each other. No matter how different they are they will always have the same amount of love for each other.

One day, Uma just woke up one morning, looked out the window and decided that she wanted to take a vacation. She feels that she has been working very hard lately and needs a break. Later on that day she calls up her best friend Bud, because that’s the only person that she would go on a vacation with, and asks him if he would be interested in the vacation. Bud tells her that he is very interested in a vacation. He thinks that he has been pretty working hard on the farm anyway and he needs a break. Uma says “great” and she books some plane tickets and hotel reservations in Hawaii for next week. So they wait out the week by working until it is time for their trip. The day before the trip Bud calls up Uma and tells her that he won’t be able to make the trip. Uma asks “why”? And he tells her that he just thought about the fact that there is no one to watch his farm.

When Bud told Uma that she became furious at him saying that “you know how important this trip was to me, why couldn’t you say anything sooner”! Bud responds, “ I’m sorry Uma I didn’t think about until I started packing my things, can’t you postpone the trip for a better time”. Uma says “No I made reservations, I can’t cancel them now, sometimes you make me so mad”! Bud says, “ I’m sorry Uma, but you know I can’t leave my farm without someone to watch over it”. Uma responds, “ you can’t find anyone of your friends to look after it while your gone?” “I don’t trust anyone to watch my farm besides me or you”, Bud says. Uma replies, “ why do you always have to do this to me!? I mean, aren’t we best friends?” “Of course we’re best friends Uma”, Bud responds, “ then you have two choices, either you choose your farm, or me now what’s it going to be?” Uma responds.

So far in the story, Uma gives Bud an ultimatum. The ultimatum is to either forget about your farm and come on the vacation with me, or forget about me if you choose your farm. Bud tries to solve this problem in a way that he can keep both his farm and his best friend. He has to make his decision today. Bud tells Uma “ I cannot give up on what I have worked so hard for all my life for some friendship. It’s not like I’m an accountant for a real estate company like you are, where I can take vacations. I am a farmer and I cannot leave my farm unattended under any circumstances, not for you, me, or anyone else. You got it!” Uma responds with a nasty look on her face, “yeah, I got it. The fact that you’re not my friend anymore.” “What are you trying to say Uma”, Bud replies. “What I am saying is that we can no longer be friends because you aren’t a true friend if you can’t sacrifice certain duties for your best friend”, Uma says. Bud replies, “I already explained why I can’t go Uma. Are you so self-centered that you can’t take no for an answer.” “Let me make it more simple for you Bud, Uma says, If you hang up this phone, that means that you chose your stupid farm and we’re no longer friends anymore. If you make it with me to the airport on time for the vacation, we’ll have a good time and we’ll be the best of friends. What do you say Bud.” Bud hangs up the phone.

Well Bud and Uma in the beginning has had some tough times, but the times weren’t tough enough to break the two up separately. I’m sure that the two are now going their separate ways and now are realizing that not even the biggest and longest friendships are guaranteed to last. It just goes to show you that even a big friendship can be broken apart by a small argument.