“I remember” Writing Exercise
Taken from: Writing Down the Bones: Freeing the Writer Within, By Natalie Goldberg
Begin with “I remember.”  Write lots of small memories.  Write a sentence for each memory, and just keep going.  Don’t be concerned if the memory happened five seconds ago or five years ago.  Everything that isn’t this moment is memory coming alive again as you write.  If you get stuck, just repeat the phrase “I remember” again and keep going. 

I remember going to Dorney Park last summer.

I remember going to a Party last friday.

I remember when me and my family went to our family reunion in Florida.


In my life I had some good and bad times. I can't really remember everything that happened to me, but somethings you just don't forget. Somethings that I will never forget is when I went to Dorney Park last summer, that Party last week, and the family reunion.

I remember going to Dorney Park like it was yesterday. It was so many people that went. It seem like we was on that bus for ever going there. When we finally got there everybody was going buck wild, and it was burning up. My sister threw up on the ride. It was really funny because she knew she couldn't take it but she wanted to be like evryone else. This was a crazy day. By he time we got home everybody was sleep on the bus, and no one wanted to get up.

Another time that I will never forget is when me and my friends went to a party. The party was mad fun, but after awhile it got out of control. People started fighting over something stupid. It all started because a girl didn't want to dance with this boy so he slapped her, and everybody just started going at it. Everything could of been avoided but some people just act so crazy. This was one party that I will never forget.

The last thing that I will never forget is my family reunion in Florida. When I went to Florida it was so fun because I saw all my cousins that I haven't seen in awhile. Everybody was talking about old times and things that they use to do back in the day. We also was playing games, and went to Disney World. This was the best day with my family I could ever remeber without someone fighting or arguing, and I will never forget it.

In conclusion now you can see how sometimes in your life there can be good and bad times. In my life I rather remember both so that I can look back at the things I did so that I can learn from mistakes that I've made.

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