Daily Procedures

1. When the bell rings, you will be in your seat ready to work to be considered on time; not running in with the bell.
2. If you are late, enter silently; take a deep breath outside the door if necessary.
3. No gum or candy allowed. The only drink allowed is water in a plastic container. No Glass!
4. Sit quietly in your seat and wait for the day's instructions.
5. Use materials and machines respectfully and only with permission.
6. Keep your hands to yourself, off of other students.
7. Raise your hand before speaking, calling out is considered disruptive.
8. Follow instructions promptly; ie take out pencil or paper, cleanup, etc.
9. When in doubt ask for help, don’t try to force or fix anything yourself; we have a lot of expensive new equipment meant to last a long time, and also that most schools don’t have!
10. Clean up your area.
11. Push in your chair when you leave.

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