Digital Film and Music Production, Spring 2005

Contact Instructors:

Nor alee Montemarano,
Principal & Master English-Tech Teacher
Renee Dryg,
Technology and Art
Lisa Lambrinos,
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Truth Hurts

Misssion with Idiots

My Big Phat Greek Life

Steeped in Blood

Week Production Concepts Completed Tasks
17 Sharing your film with the public!!! Film Presentation
16 The rough cut vs. the final cut Editing, scoring, credits
15 Importing and editing with iMovie Editing, scoring, re-shoots
14 Importiong footage Editing, final shooting of scenes
13 Shooting procedures Gathering footage
12 Elements of a movie homepage Web sites completed
  • distribute script to actors for rehearsal
  • begin rehearsals
  • web log 11
  • Web Page design and layout
  • Photo collage
  • Looked at the Sin City Website
  • Download images from the web
  • Create a digital photo collage using Photoshop
  • Meet with production team
  • weblog10
  • edit web sites locally in dreamweaver during server outage
  • Post production team members(crew.html)
  • Post web log 9
  • Script revisions
  • Web site management
  • Using Dreamweaver
  • Assessment
  • Post web log 8 using dreamweaver
  • Intro to iMovie and Photoshop
  • Dreamweaver setup
  • Script review and revision
  • End of 1st Marking period


  • Getting tech support with the List serve and iChat
  • Script Revision
  • Set up iChat
  • Added bookmark to teachers pages in Safari
  • Download & install Fugu
  • Post web log 6
  • Meet in room 209 for the rest of term
  • iBook setup
  • Software loading
  • list-serve usage
  • Dreamweaver intro
  • getting your files from
  • Backup files
  • Post web log 5
  • Continue writing script
4 Winter Break
  • Read sample scripts from the link on Ms. Monte's page
  • Begin script writing
  • Post script in progress online
  • continue developing script
  • Post web log 3
  • Web site flowcharts
  • using tables in html pages for organization
  • outline for a movie script
  • close ups, focus, music, hero, anti-hero
  • Using Props
  • Post script in progress online
  • View The Godfather
  • Pitch story to group members
  • Enter web log for week two
  • View Gladiator, and
    Crouching Tiger...
  • Break into study groups
  • the language of film
  • filmmaking genres
  • intro to script speak
  • cutting
  • the power of sound
  • shooting techniques:( the visual language)
  • digital filing system
  • View opening scene of Apocalypse Now
  • E-mail Ms. Monte assigned comments
  • View clips from The Exorcist
  • Spell check writing
  • E-mail Ms. Monte
  • Create dfm05 directory and index page for the class, sample
  • Enter web log for week one


HTML, FTP, and Putty help

Mr. Nellens help pages

Mr. Nellen's Netscape tutorial, WYSIWYG, the 'easy' way