Young Women's Tech

Course Description

Throughout the course you will explore history and contemporary culture as it relates to and reflects upon young women. You will gain the skills necessary to produce your research as an online magazine. We will produce two issues, titled and designed by you, for you, and about you. Each individual student will be expected to contribute content for each issue, and maintain a personal portfolio for grading. We will also read several novels written by and about Women, and post book reports online.

Course Expectations

The course consists of five units:

I. The First Wave: History of Women in society through the 19th Amendment
II. The Second Wave: Laws, politics, equality, and the right to choose
III. The Third Wave?: Media messages vs. resources, for you and about you
IV. Economics: parenthood vs. career, modern pioneers
V. Health and sex

Timeline Project

Self Portrait Project

Make Your Message Project

All about my mother Project

Public Service Project

Daily assignments, in and out of class, will be kept in your personal portfolio for each unit, and uploaded to the web for grading. Each unit will require a final project to be included in your portfolio as well. The final projects consist of a written article and art work response to the area of study.

All work for this class will be done on the computer, stored in your class document folder and Web folders.
The computer lab is open several days a week after school for anyone who wants or needs to complete class assignments.

You will become familiar with several software applications including, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Flash and iMovie.

Student outcomes:

This class will give you computer skills in four areas:
1. Word processing: typing and formatting web documents
2. Computer Graphics: Photo, collage, animation, and video
3. Web page design: design theory, page layout, and page production
4. Digital presentation: Web-zine, video

Grading Policy

Class Participation: Positive attitude, respect for others, prepared to work, on time.
3 tardies= one days participation score subtracted


Homework: Must be completed on time, class time will be made available when possible.

Project Completion: Assignments demonstrate effort and fulfill required description.

Meeting Magazine deadlines with your best effort.
Grading Criteria A= complete& correct, B= complete & mostly correct,
C =complete but incorrect, D =incomplete & incorrect, F= minimal work



Personal electronics
White out


Sit in your assigned seat

Keep your hands to yourself

Listen and follow instructions

Log out when finished

Push in your chair when you leave

Failure to follow these procedures will result in a suspension of your computer privileges, and in turn affect your course grade.


Materials needed

Computer and Internet access after school hours; our lab is open several days from 2:30-3:30 pm
E-mail account
Floppy disks
Binder & Looseleaf
Pen, no pencils

Daily Homework Assignments and Portfolio Requirements, click HERE

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